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Paper Shredders in India: 240 Turbo Boost Series


Multi-Purpose and Multimedia “Energy Smart” shredder

•Compact strong heavy duty shredder with very high performances
•Two models available in straight cut and two models available in cross cut
•”Turbo Boost” system for extra shredding capacity
•”Energy Smart”: zero power consumption in stand-by mode
•Automatic Start/Stop through electronic eyes
•Automatic stop when waste bin is out with light signal
•Does not require plastic bags
•Carbon hardened cutting knives for Floppy Disks, CDs, DVDs and Credit Cards shredding
•Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears “SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT” (all models)
•Equipped with a special Double Waste Bin to separate plastic shreds from shredded paper (all models)

  240 Turbo Boost

240 “Turbo Boost” shredders carry the latest and most advanced developments in the office paper shredder technology. Unbelievable performances: through the exclusive “Turbo Boost” system, this range of paper shredders features unmatched shredding capacities both in straight-cut or cross-cut cutting systems. The “Energy Smart” management system with optical indicators is a standard on the Turbo Boost shredders for zero power consumption in stand-by mode. Powerful continuous duty motors and the sturdy steel gears with heavy duty chain drive “Super Potential Power Unit” ensure service free operations without duty cycles or overheatings. The paper shredder or paper shredding machine - by www.aarkei.com. All Turbo shredders can shred paper, Floppy Disks, CDs, DVDs and Credit Cards separating plastic shreds from shredded paper. The technical data on the bottom of this page clearly demonstrates the technological advantage of the 240 Turbo shredders compared to other similar products available on the market.


Removable environmentally friendly Double Waste Bin equipped with an integrated special mechanism separating plastic shreds from shredded paper. Does not require plastic bags (All models)



Illuminated optical indicators with “ENERGY SMART” system for zero power consumption in stand-by mode and environmental protection By pressing the Turbo switchthe shredding capacity of the machine is increased by 30% Sturdy heavy duty chain drivewith steel gears

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