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300 Series


Mid-size Multimedia “Energy Smart” paper shredders

•High performances office paper shredders India
•Available in 5 different versions: straight-cut, cross-cut and High Security cut
•”Energy Smart”: zero consumption in stand by mode
•Automatic Start/Stop through electronic eyes
•Automatic stop with light signal for bag full and open door
•Available with computer forms top shelf
•Cutting head takes staples and paper clips
•Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears “SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT” (all models)
•85 liters high quality steel cabinet (capacity of 10,000 sheets in straight cut or 6000 sheets in High Security cut)


300 Series

The 300 range of office paper shredder India has been developed to achieve outstanding shredding performance.A double motor drive technology operating in conjunction with two “SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNITS” and the large entry paper opening allow easy and quick shredding of every paper size at the office with a variety of 6 different available security levels. No matter what type of media your data is on, paper, CDs, Floppy Disks, ID cards, the 300 shredders will deliver the security level required for your application. The “Energy Smart” management system monitors the power consumption on all 300 models for energy cost savings and for environmental protection by reducing emission of carbon dioxide (CO2).
Model 300 SS5 can shred up to 46 sheets of paper in one pass while the High Security model 300 HS shreds up to 12 sheets in one pass. The paper shredders delhi, paper shredder delhi - by www.aarkei.com, 300 range meets security levels for commercial applications to levels specifically needed by Military and Government offices.





Integrated sliding flat makes Floppy Disks, CDs, DVDs and Credit Cards shredding easy. Illuminated optical indicator of the “ENERGY SMART” system

Computer forms top shelf to save office space (Space Saving Design)


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