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Multi-Purpose high volume industrial paper shredders

•Specially designed for large quantities of paper, cardboard, carton boxes, Floppy Disks, CDs, DVDs, Credit Cards and even aluminium cans and plastic bottles
•Innovative shredding system based on a turbine combined with High Speed Rotating Blades delivers any level of security and bulk reduction required for the application
•Shreds up to 500 sheets of paper at a time regardless of the particle size
•Shredding output up to 420 Kg (940 lbs) of paper per hour (Theoretical Output)
•Particle size (security level) can be changed easily at any time to meet the required security level for the material being shredded
•No oiling of cutting knives. No lubrication. Easy to use without any maintenance operation
•Shredding system based on air flow delivers the highest level of reliability
•Just drop up to 500 sheets of paper into the turbine chamber and leave it to the Cyclone. The Cyclone will get the job done. The Cyclone does it all quickly and with no jams. It also turns automatically off when shredding is completed for maximum energy and time efficency
•Delivered with built-in trolley for easy transport and replacement of the disposal bag


Types of shreded papers by Cyclone Paper shredder - as per security setting


Cyclone is the ultimate development in paper shredding machine India technology. Blades rotating at a very high speed combined with the power of a turbine providing the unit with an airflow allow the shredding of up to 500 sheets of paper at a time as well as the shredding of many other types of materials into 5 different available particle sizes.
The size of the particles (Security Level) can be chosen when ordering the machine and it will always be possible to change the Security Level any time after installation of the unit with a simple operation to adapt to any shredding need.
Shredding capacity of 500 sheets at a time remains unchanged with any Security Level installed in the machine. A rear window allows easy checking of waste bag level while plastic bags can be easily removed and disposed of assisted by the built-in-trolley.
Cyclone is also equipped with an integrated vacuum system specifically designed to provide the operator with clean and dust free shredding environment.
The Cyclone is built with a double insulated paper shredding machine chamber and special plastic outer housing enclosure for low noise operation.
Cyclone can reach an impressive shredding output of 420 Kg. (940 lbs) per hour (Theoreticalv Output) without requiring any oiling of cutting knives or special maintenance.
This makes the Cyclone easy to use for everybody at the office or factory.

Rear window for easy checking
of waste bag level
Video with compactor

Plastic bags can be easily removed
and disposed of assisted
by the built-in-trolley
Video without compactor


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