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What is Glassine Paper?

Glassine is a paper produced of ground pulp, greaseproof but not wet resistant. Glassine paper is a supercalendered paper manufactured principally from chemical wood pulps which have been beaten to secure a high degree of stock hydration.  Glassine paper is grease resistant, has a high resistance to the passage of air, and is almost impervious to the passage of water vapor. There are a variety of uses for it including use with analytical balances or as a slip sheet for storing artwork. It has even been used in a Kazoo to produce the sound when you blow in the Kazoo. For Conceptual Physics purposes it is used in the making of a pinhole camera. Owing to a very high glazing it obtains a high transparency. (glazing and pressing of papers)

Why Glassine Paper?

glassine paper grades like for example used for wrapping flowers our highly transparent glassine for window envelopes which is also used for the production of medicine bags or negative bags.

Glassine is symbolic for the noise of a glessine paper. Try it: Take a sheet of glessine paper and a normal kraft paper and shake it. Do you hear the difference?

Glessine is slightly rustling in a discreet way. Contrary to that the kraft paper has a clacking noise. Glessine sounds noble and has a pleasant. The special character of glassine is even transmitted by its sound!

Custom manufacturer of grease & oil resistant glassin papers that are used for archival applications. Other applications include use in envelope windows, carton windows & art/artwork packaging. Glessine papers are as thin as 25 lbs. & as thick as 55 lbs. glassine tissue, acid free. Guards against dust and abrasion, suitable for layering between art or documents, or wrapping valuables.

Substance: 24gsm-70gsm
Normal substance: 24gsm,26gsm,31gsm,40gsm,43gsm,45gsm,65gsm,etc.
    inroll: 750mm-790mm etc
    In sheet: 762*1016mm(30'*40'),750*1000mm,787*1092mm,etc.
Color: Natural white,bleached white,peachblow,yellow,pink,red,light blue,coffee,apple green,black,dark green.


The glassine papers are widely used in life and light industry.
1.Food Wrapper: The white glassin paper Can be used as the wrapper of sweet and candied fruits, the liner of all kinds of refection, cake, chocolate, bread, etc.
2.Medicine Wrapper: The translucent paper is used as dosage bags in hospital in many Southeast countries
3.Tag bag: used to be various size envelop.
4.Flower wrapper: the color glassine papers are popular used in developed countries, which pay attention to environment protection.
5.Album film: put the glassine paper between photos the advantage is protection the face of photos
6.Firecracker wrapper: The red glassine paper is the main material of firecrackers inner wrapper.
7.glassine weighing paper is moisture-resistant and non-absorbent.

* We stock glassine paper as thin as 25# and as thick as 55#.

* Our Glassine paper is a super-calendared paper that is grease resistant, has a high resistance to the passage of air, and is almost impervious to the passage of water vapor.

* Glassine is a very smooth paper and can be produced so that it transparent, or semi-transparent, bleached or even colored (ie: blue).

* This stock also has a neutral PH and is approved for archival purposes.

* This paper is available in either roll form, sheet form or die cut pieces.

* Applications in which this stock is used are: envelope windows, carton windows, art/artwork packaging and archiving.

Food lawful harmless

Glassine is suitable for food wrapping according to recommendation XXXVI of BGA and the American FDA and may come in direct contact with fatty, dry and moist foodstuffs. It is neutral with regard to taste and smell.

No chemical additives, translucent and grease resistant

Glassine is a pure paper product, produced from 100% fresh cellulose from managed spruce forests - sustainable foresty. Transparency and grease resistance are achieved by mechanical processing, there is no add chemical additives.

100% recyclable 

Our Glassine paper is fully compost able in accordance to DIN EN 13432. So, it offers savings for your waste management.

Breathe ability/ Protection of flavours by Indian manufacturer

Glassine paper has a highly closed surface with good breathe ability. In addition, it keep the flavour of the packed food and allows an optimal exchange of humidity - food will not steam and will keep fresh for longer.