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HARDWARE CHARACTERISTICS: Following are the hardware characteristics of the AAR KEI 95 Sms alarm system or gprs alarm system or gsm alarm system - Indian of India.

Item Value Board size 100 x 50 x 20 mm Case size 105 x 56 x 25 mm Weight: 100g

Micro Controller: Texas MSP 430F149

Volatile Data Memory (RAM): 2K Bytes Flash EEPROM 60K Bytes Serial EEPROM 2K Bytes

Programmable I/O Connector Pins: 7- Pin I/O 1 and 2: Capture, Interrupt, Pulse Width Modulation, Digital I/O - Pin I/O 3 through 7: Analogue In/digital I/O.- Max sampling rate: 200000 samples/s- Pull-up power on inputs.- A/D converter: 12-bit- Input Power Supply Voltage Monitor- Pin I/O 8 and I/O 9: Interrupt, Digital I/O

Serial Devices 2 USART: full duplex

GSM/GPRS Engine Siemens MC35/39 dual bandPower Class 2W/Class 4 1W/Class 1Sensitivity: -108dBm

Power Supply Voltage input +4,5 V to +35 V

Max Voltage applied to any I/O pin(Referenced to GND) +50 V

Max current consumption @ 12V: 190mA Transmitting

Max current consumption @ 12V: below(<) 1mA Sleep mode

Max current (Input Power Supply Voltage Monitor) below(<) 5V: 250mA

Power down current (Input Power Supply Voltage Monitor): below(<) 1mA

Communication: Baud rate serial port DB9F: 110 to 115200 bps V24/V28 9 pin D-Sub

Operating temperature -20oC to +55 oC

Relative humidity range 0 to 95% non-condensing

Antenna connectors: FME (male)T



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In warehouses the refrigerators and freezers contain stock that has a significant value. By using our remote control module attached to the thermostat, the refrigeration company responsible for maintenance can be notified as soon as the temperature rises above a preset point. Once notified a technician can be dispatched to rectify the problem. 

Alarm system sends an SMS to the security company. This SMS message can be re-routed to other destinations.The sms alarm system can be activated or deactivated by sending an SMS using your cell phone. 

Unmanned Base Station, telecommunication and other equipment remote control and monitoring over GSM using SMS. 24x7 monitoring. Data centres and computer rooms remote control and monitoring (air-conditioning, UPS, standby power generators, fire alarm systems, temperature meter and water leakage detector). 24x7 monitoring. 

A typical application for Sms alarm system, gprs alarm system, or, gsm alarm system - is remote pump stations that are commonly used by water supply and water treatment plants. A plant or factory may need to monitor a level in a pump, the low rate of the liquid that is pumped to or from the pump station and may need to monitor the temperature of pumps. Automatic engine pump unit monitoring and remote control system with SMS Text Message notification direct to your mobile phone. Reports messages including: Low Flow; High Pressure; Low Pressure; Hi Temperature; Oil Pressure; Low Pump Pressure; High Pump Pressure; High Engine Temperature; Low Engine Oil Pressure. Operational status can be checked at any time by simply calling SMS and waiting for the return SMS text message. The engine pump unit can easily be shut-down remotely from the operator's mobile phone. 
Via SMS Irrigation Control. With the SMS text message it can also now deliver alarm information on pump conditions, reservoir levels, pipe leaks or flows. With the SMS text instruction can stopped, starting or running of irrigation process. Monitoring weather conditions and soil moisture affecting the irrigation schedules and pump controls.

Automation and remote control of steel machinery equipment. Remote control of vaccuum installation. Local control of chemical process and alarming by SMS. Remote counting of various energies (water, gas, electricity). Automation and remote alarming of industrial power generators. 
Remote control and monitoring of gas distribution plants. Turbine gas metering (volume and energy remote metering). 
Remote control and monitoring of electricity transformers, high and low voltage cabins, wind mills electricity generators. Telemetry and monitoring for energy transactions from various power plants. Energy counters measurement with reporting. 
Tank remote monitoring level and temperature. Remote monitoring of level of chemical tanks. Remote level control of tanks via SMS. Regulation and monitoring of gas tanks and production reservoirs. Remote control of fuel tanks.